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Tommy's Path

ISBN - 9781482337556

On a snowy winter night Bartholomew Judd happens upon a mysterious saltbox homestead on a narrow lane called Tommy’s Path in a small Connecticut village. That spring he and his wife Rebecca are living in the old home, leaving behind a life in Manhattan where he was a professor at Fordham and she a high-school teacher. Burdened by family scandal and psychological upheaval in their lives—ravaged by a past that nearly destroyed their marriage—both seek renewal in the small New England town. But Bart discovers the ancient home has its own secrets—secrets that make the past he has tried to escape all the more real and horrible. There’s a quirky neighbor whose weekly yard sales yield bits and pieces of Bart’s fantasy world. And he is convinced the old woman up the road is the reincarnation of a witch hanged in colonial Connecticut. Suddenly this lovely saltbox in a bucolic neighborhood becomes a place where Bart has to confront the demons that haunt his every waking moment—and his nightmares.





The Colored Artist

ISBN - 978-1-4948-6734-8

In 1881 Charles Ethan Porter, a black artist from Hartford, Connecticut, traveled to Paris to study art, carrying with him an enthusiastic letter of introduction from Samuel Clemens, Hartford’s most famous resident. During the next three years Porter wrote letters to Clemens—but Clemens never replied. The famous author turned his back on the talented painter. What happened? In The Colored Artist the author suggests an answer. Based on the life of the late-nineteenth-century artist, the novel is narrated by his student and lifelong friend, German-American artist Gustave Adolph Hoffman, whose own life was often lived in the shadow of his mentor. As one of the few black painters in America at the time, Porter not only had to deal with horrific racism but also the stigma attached to any artist whose specialty was floral and fruit still lifes, largely categorized as ”women’s art.” Porter cherished his friendship with Hoffman and another painter named Samuel Morley Comstock, a charismatic but troubled young friend. The story of these three men’s lives, beginning in the 1890s in Manhattan and ending in rural Connecticut, is a tale of artistic temperament silhouetted against the background of the shifting currents of American society and art at the end of the Victorian Age. 







Missing In Action
12 Stories

ISBN - 9781507627082

Richard Yates (Revolutionary Road) once wrote in a celebratory letter to the author: “Your strength as a writer is creating a deceptively quiet chronicle of harsh events.” This collection of twelve disparate short stories reinforces Yates’ succinct observation, a collection of published and unpublished fiction that explores a wide range of human experience captured through Ifkovic’s vision. In such stories as "Miss Connecticut” and “Love,” the author probes the life of small-town America and the scandal that lies beneath the serene surface. Others, like “Hedges,” ”Gaetano,” and “Neighbors,” are set against a backdrop of dying New England cities in which struggling families grapple with change they cannot understand. Yet others present fanciful plays on celebrity, as in ”Dyanna Ross” and ”Superstar,” characters who live in the shadows of those whose names are up in lights. “Cleopatra" and “Missing in Action" move the reader back to the years following the long and painful Vietnam War—and its devastating legacy. In “Emilie” a troubled woman unearths an unknown letter from Emily Dickinson and it redefines her life. In ”Observance" a lost man finds himself grappling with ghosts from his past that continue to haunt him. Finally, “The Marriage Room” explores the intricacies of unconventional lives. Ifkovic chronicles lives at the moment they look into shadowy mirrors—or find themselves on the edge of discovery. Together these stories reflect Yates’ added assessment: the author’s story lines “bring character to life on the page.”






ISBN - 9781507833162

In June of 1953 Mark Antonich celebrates his twelfth birthday—and the beginning of a long summer he hopes will be filled with backyard reading, swimming in the town pool, and hanging out with his next-door cousin Tony Zivich. An ordinary summer in a small Connecticut farming town outside New Haven. But everything changes when his leisurely, dreamy days abruptly turn into what becomes a frightening summer—nightmarish events that will color the rest of his life. He watches, helpless, confused, as his home life starts to crumble: a rebellious, older sister drifting off with dangerous older friends, his quiet mother hospitalized with a mysterious illness, his father laid off from the factory, and on TV the awful specter of the Joseph McCarthy anti-Communist hearings that hit too close to home. Worse, Petar Ivo, his mother’s distant cousin from Yugoslavia, one of the wandering Displaced Persons allowed into America after the horror of World War Two, moves in—and the walls of the house echo with fear and panic. As the young Croatian-American family struggles to survive, Mark grapples with a world that confuses and alarms him. As the dead, sticky days of August unfold, Mark begins his most harrowing journey. 







David At Thirty

ISBN - 0-595-82177-4

David Tomjanovich is turning thirty. David at Thirty tells the story of a young man who likes his life in order-a man not comfortable with surprises or the mercurial twists of fate. But one September, as he begins his thirtieth year, his life is set to undergo drastic change. Divorced, the father of a ten-year-old boy with congenital heart disease, he suddenly has to deal with a past he thought comfortably behind him. His ex-wife, a capricious woman given to periods of madness, cannot deal with the fact that their son Paul is going to die, so David is forced to care for a young boy he scarcely knows. At the Connecticut community college where he teaches English, David becomes involved with three haunted lives: a back-to-school older woman who becomes infatuated with him, a bright, engaging Latino man hell-bent on self-destruction, and the pretty young music teacher Lois, a mysterious woman David doggedly pursues, hoping for an affair. Each of these characters pushes David to question the placid, uneventful life he has created for himself. As the year moves on-and his son begins to die-David finds himself shaken to the core of his being as he watches his careful world spiral out of control.










Dragon on a Ten Speed
(with Eric M. Tang)

ISBN - 1-4137-2744-1

If you told me back then that delivering newspapers would get me involved with illegal drugs, gruesome murders, the police, and even the President of the United States, I would have laughed at you. But that’s exactly what happened to me. And being a paperboy was the reason . . .” So begins fourteen-year-old Minh Li’s wildest adventure. Living in a Hartford housing project, a dead-end world of grime and crime, the Vietnamese-American teenager wishes he could be like his idol Bruce Lee, the Golden Dragon himself. Like his hero, Minh was born in the Year of the Dragon, but he soon learns that the spirit of the great martial arts master is all he needs when his own quiet world is struck by violence and murder. Life starts getting dangerous for him and suddenly he has no choice—he has to act!

Girl Holding Lilacs

ISBN - 0-595-74285-8

A Girl Holding Lilacs tells the story of the young daughter of a struggling immigrant family from Croatia, living on a small farm in Connecticut during the bleak, Depression-bound 1930s.


The family is isolated not only from its cherished Old Country roots but also from the large, vibrant Croatian colonies of the Midwest. As Anna moves from her six years into adolescence, she chronicles, with increasing fright and confusion, the effects of America on the world she knows. She watches her parents change before the harsh new life, and she watches as her beloved brother Joey, the American-born, happy-go-lucky boy who wants so much from life, slowly drown in a world of despair and decay. Originally published in 1980 as Anna Marinkovich, this edition has been rewritten in keeping with the author's original intentions.

Ella Moon
A novel based on the life of Ella Wheeler Wilcox

ISBN - 1-878569-72-4

Wheeler Wilcox, one of the Victorian world's most popular poets, penned the famous line: "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone." Born on an impoverished Wisconsin farm, Ella Wheeler Wilcox hungered for fame and fortune. As a young farm girl, she caught the attention of East Coast editors. Her life became a tapestry of color and melodrama, an epic of American rags to riches. She scandalized her generation with verse that seemed too risqué for a puritanical nation, but her own married life was the model of Christian propriety. This fictionalized account chronicles her controversial life, not only the glittering heights of international celebrity, but also the nagging fears that tempered her vast and cherished success.











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